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Apple in QQQ

Posted on 05/22/2013

How can one stock affect the performance of the Q's? Apple has certainly done so as illustrated in this article. more »

Interview with Tom Dorsey on Index Universe

Posted on 05/20/2013

In a recent interview with Index Universe, Tom Dorsey talks about the future of ETFs. more »

ETF News - 05/16/2013

Posted on 05/16/2013

In this article, we have highlighted some of the most recent news in the ETF industry. more »

Dorsey Wright Relative Strength International Dividend Portfolio

Posted on 05/14/2013

We have recently partnered with First Trust to bring to market Series 1 of the Relative Strength International Dividend UIT. Within this portfolio we employ relative strength to select stocks designed to be held over the fixed 15-month term of the trust. more »

ETF News - 5/13/2013

Posted on 05/13/2013

Over the past week, a number of ETFs have been produced to the market as well as new filings to the SEC. more »

Practical Portfolio Application for Market Seasonality - Part 3

Posted on 05/10/2013

Today we are going to look at the volatility of the PDP/SPLV portfolio, a topic that we have discussed earlier this week. more »

Practical Portfolio Application for Market Seasonality - Part 2

Posted on 05/09/2013

Today we are continuing our discussion on the market seasonality study on PDP and SPLV. more »

Practical Portfolio Application for Market Seasonality

Posted on 05/07/2013

"Sell in May and Go Away" is one of those old market adages that, over time, has shown some rather impressive validity. Today we wanted to present you with a practical portfolio application that you could utilize as a part of your overall equity exposure through the seasonally strong six month period as well as the seasonally weak. more »

PIE: "Ticker of the Week"

Posted on 05/06/2013

Last Friday, May 3rd, the PowerShares DWA Emerging Markets Technical Leaders Portfolio (PIE) was featured on Bloomberg TV as "ticker of the week." more »

ETF News - 05/03/2013

Posted on 05/03/2013

Take a look at some of the most recent news in the ETF industry, which includes announcements from Van Eck, iShares, and Vanguard. more »

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