Battle Between Google and Apple

Posted on 04/17/2012

There were a few "firsts" that occurred with Google over the past week.  The Company, of course, announced its first stock split since Google, Inc. (GOOG) shares IPO’d at $85 on August 25th, 2004. Even for those forced to take the closing price on GOOG's first day of trading, the stock has gained 489.25% since going public.

In another "first,"however, we are reminded at exactly how dynamic the performance of at least one other tech name has been over the same time period.  In each of the past two sessions (Friday and Monday) shares of GOOG and Apple, Inc. (AAPL) touched the same price in the same day - something that had previously never occurred.  On the day of the Google IPO, shares of Apple were trading at around $16.50 (split adjusted), and over the same period have posted a return of 3,562.51%.

While no one knows how these two stocks will unfold, we thought we would provide some ETFs that have the most weighting in Google and Apple.  Buying ETFs is a way to have exposure to those stocks without having a single stock risk.  In the image below, we have also highlighted ETFs that hold both of those companies.  To get a full list of ETFs that these stocks underlie, simply type in the stock ticker symbol in the "Enter Stock Symbol" box on the top of the AllETF  page.


Google and Apple

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Symbol Performance
SILJ 140.237%
GLDX 94.158%
SLVP 89.146%
SIL 82.928%
GDXJ 79.906%
RING 79.380%
GDX 67.274%
SGDM 66.850%
PSAU 66.383%
EPU 47.027%
XME 45.619%
Sector Symbol Performance
Basic Materials SILJ 140.237%
Energy KOL 28.320%
Utilities FIW 15.898%
Telecommunications LTL 15.733%
Consumer Noncyclical PSCC 14.590%
Financial SDY 10.874%
Industrial IGF 10.700%
Healthcare IHI 6.752%
Technology PSCT 5.830%
Financial Services FREL 4.110%
Consumer Cyclical BJK 3.498%

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