Posted on 05/22/2012

Yesterday, we conducted a study on the volatility of different asset classes, and we specifically zoomed in on the Fixed Income space by providing some ideas in the universe.  One way to quickly find ideas, whether in the Fixed Income universe or a different asset class, is to use the search tool located on the top right hand corner of  The X-Ray tool is another search function that allows for a drilldown of different sectors and/or countries, which is illustrated below.

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Symbol Performance
FBT 52.212%
JO 46.959%
GRN 46.281%
XBI 46.190%
SMIN 45.487%
CAFE 45.065%
ASHR 44.688%
ZROZ 44.398%
SCIN 43.262%
KBA 42.966%
INCO 41.859%
Sector Symbol Performance
Healthcare FBT 52.212%
Technology PSI 33.422%
Financial REZ 32.130%
Utilities IDU 23.502%
Industrial IYT 22.418%
Consumer Noncyclical FXG 19.994%
Energy EMLP 18.731%
Consumer Cyclical RTH 16.187%
Telecommunications PXQ 10.984%
Basic Materials RTM 5.957%

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