Same Sector, Different Weighting

Posted on 05/08/2012

In yesterday's article, we conducted a study and looked at how different sector ETFs have performed.  The performance differential between the equal weighted and cap weighted sectors is quite significant.  With that in mind, we thought we would provide you some ideas that are both cap-weighte dand equal-weighted.  In the tables below, we use the iShares line up for the cap-weighted version and Guggenheim lineup for the equal-weighted version.  One easy way to search for those is to use the Search box on and type in the keywords you're looking for such as "equal weight".  

We have written multiple articles in the past that explain how those two weighting methodologies are constructed and how they are different although they provide exposure to the same area of the marke.  The latest report was published on March 22 in the Tom Dorsey Blog.

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Symbol Performance
EEH 190.719%
JO 63.226%
CAFE 59.496%
SMIN 49.366%
SCIF 44.101%
FBT 43.481%
SCIN 42.833%
INCO 42.620%
PBE 35.169%
XBI 33.157%
ZROZ 31.422%
Sector Symbol Performance
Healthcare FBT 43.481%
Financial REZ 24.474%
Utilities RYU 21.046%
Energy MLPX 18.628%
Industrial IYT 17.134%
Technology PSI 16.631%
Consumer Noncyclical FXG 12.703%
Basic Materials JJU 8.315%
Telecommunications VOX 5.522%
Consumer Cyclical RTH 5.177%

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