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Commodities Updates in 2013

Posted on 12/10/2013

As we are heading into the homestretch for 2013, we wanted to give you an update on how commodities as an asset class has done compared to other asset classes. more »

A Look at Gold Over the Past Decade

Posted on 12/10/2012

Dow Jones MarketWatch published an article titled "Goldman Sachs predicts commodity ‘renaissance’," reciting an opinion that commodity "prices are unlikely to go much higher but still offer investment opportunities". The article suggested "increasing downside" for Gold next year, which if it occurs, would be the first time since 2000 that Gold has produced negative returns.

more »

DWA Minute with Tom Dorsey - 12/7/2012

Posted on 12/07/2012

Tom Dorsey discuss what he is seeing in the commodity, and specifically gold.  There are ways to invest in commodity via exchange traded products.  To build a shopping list of ideas, simply use the search function on the top right of or go to the ETF Xray function and perform the search there.

Commodity Exchange Traded Products

Posted on 12/03/2012

In case you weren't aware, Assets Under Management (AUM) for global commodity ETPs have risen to over $200 billion at the end of the third quarter of this year. Even more surprising, according to a recent Bloomberg article, ETF Securities Says Commodity ETP Assets Climb to Record, nearly $170 billion of these assets are comprised in Precious Metals ETPs. That equates to roughly 85% of all total global commodity ETP AUM. more »

Gold and Its Volatility

Posted on 08/24/2012

Are you looking for ways to get exposure to gold? Here are some names to consider. more »

More Natural Gas Ideas

Posted on 08/14/2012

Take a look at some Natural Gas exchange-traded products that invest in natural gas companies and MLPs. These products do not generate a K-1. more »

De-Fracking a Hard Asset: Natural-Gas Related ETPs

Posted on 08/13/2012

There are quite a few options to invest in natural gas these days without going through the commodity futures contract route. In fact, one easy way to get exposure to the area would be via exchange-traded products, where there are many choices to choose from. more »

Locking Gas Caps

Posted on 03/06/2012

In today's article, we discuss an effective and interesting way of handling the recent spike in gasoline. more »

Crude Oil Update

Posted on 02/24/2012

Take a look at how to utilize the Xray tool to query for ideas in a particular group or sector. more »

Crude Oil in Backwardation

Posted on 11/15/2011

After being in contango for quite some time, Crude Oil is now in a backwardation condition. Take a look at a more in depth discussion on this topic. more »

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