Dorsey Wright Sector Indices

Posted on 06/13/2014

Earlier this year, in one of our articles we mentioned PowerShares's plan of changing the underlying indexing strategy on their Dynamic Sector ETFs to the corresponding DWA Technical Leaders Index (which are listed in the table below).  This change took place on February 19, 2014. Click here to access that article.  

Recently we came across an article on that discusses this index change as well as how those ETFs have done since the switch.  To get a copy of that article, click here.

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Symbol Performance
SCIF 40.667%
SCIN 39.430%
SMIN 36.310%
EPOL 30.800%
INXX 30.397%
EMQQ 29.247%
KWEB 28.477%
PLND 28.461%
ARKK 26.334%
PGJ 24.729%
PGJ.TR 24.729%
Sector Symbol Performance
Healthcare BBH 24.606%
Technology FDN 23.675%
Basic Materials GDX 22.394%
Real Estate FRI 22.097%
Consumer Cyclical FXD 18.595%
Industrial EXI 14.836%
Energy DBE 14.402%
Financial BSV 14.130%
Utilities FIW 13.216%
Consumer Noncyclical FXG 11.415%
Telecommunications IXP 8.595%
Financial Services FREL 3.241%

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