ETF News - 02/24/2011

Posted on 02/24/2011

This past week was certainy not a quiet week in the ETF market. The details are highlighted below:

  • On Friday First Trust launched the First Trust NASDAQ CEA Smartphone Index Fund (FONE), which is designed to invest in companies involved in the "building, design and distribution of handsets, hardware, software and mobile networks associated with the development, sale and usage of smartphones,” according to the fund's fact sheet. At launch more than half of the fund's assets are in foreign listed securities, with domestic equities accounting for about 44% of the fund, and Taiwan the 2nd largest country weighting at 11.5%.
  • Last week Fidelity announced that it would be including five more iShares ETFs to its $0 commission lineup. These 5 ETFs will join 25 other iShares along with Fidelity's Nasdaq Composite Tracking Stock [ONEQ], bringing the total number of commission free offerings to 31. Here is a list of Fidelity's recent additions to its price conscience, commission free collection:
    • iShares iBoxx Yield Corporate Bond [HYG]
    • iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend [DVY]
    • iShares Dow Jones EPAC Select Dividend [IDV]
    • iShares Dow Jones Real Estate [IYR]
    • iShares MSCI ACWI ex US [ACWX]
  • With an increasing number of investment strategies seeking International exposure, Global X has once again provided an avenue into the emerging markets realm. On February 17, Global X launched the first ever U.S. listed ASEAN ETF providing investment placement into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN. The Global X FTSE ASEAN 40 ETF [ASEA] will be linked to an FTSE benchmark that consists of 40 large and liquid names from companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Financials has the largest sector weighting, followed by Telecommunications, and then Industrials. The expense ratio will be 0.65 percent.
  • Invesco PowerShares recently announced that they will be changing the ticker symbols to nine of their S&P SmallCap Sector ETFs. The voluntary ticker changes came after Invesco PowerShares and State Street Global Advisors reached an agreement to make the PowerShares SmallCap Sector ETFs tickers more distinguishable from the Select Sector SPDR tickers. Below is a full list of the PowerShares SmallCap Sector ETFs that will begin trading under new tickers in late March of 2011. All other aspects of the products will remain the unchanged.
    • Consumer Discretionary [XLYS], New Ticker: PSCD
    • Consumer Staples [XLPS], New Ticker: PSCC
    • Energy [XLES], New Ticker: PSCE
    • Financials [XLFS], New Ticker: PSCF
    • Health Care [XLVS], New Ticker: PSCH
    • Industrials [XLIS], New Ticker: PSCI
    • Information Technology [XLKS], New Ticker: PSCT
    • Materials [XLBS], New Ticker: PSCM
    • Utilities & Telecom Services [XLUS], New Ticker: PSCU
  • Yesterday, February 22, RBS began trading its new RBS Gold Trendpilot ETN [TBAR]. The TBAR will track the RBS Gold Trendpilot Index, which utilizes a systematic trend-following strategy that provides exposure to either the Price of Gold Bullion or the yield on a hypothetical money market account, depending on the "trend" of the price of gold. If the Price of Gold Bullion is at or above its historical 200-day moving average for five consecutive Index business days, it is deemed to be in a “positive trend”;therefore, the ETN will track the return gold. Conversely, if the Price of Gold Bullion is below the moving average for five consecutive index business days, “negative trend” is established, and the fund will track the hypothetical notional investment in 3-month U.S. Treasury bills. For more information on this fund you can view its overview page here
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