ETF News - 6/6/2014

Posted on 06/06/2014

  • BlackRock’s iShares unit, the world’s largest ETF provider, will be introducing 8 new European-based ETFs and reducing fees on 6 existing ETFs for the region, hoping to capture greater retail and institutional investment. Nine of the ETFs will be international equity funds while the other 5 will be focused on fixed income. iShares already controls nearly 40% of the European ETF market, and seems to be in a race to 0 management fees with competitor Vanguard. The new ETFs will carry an average expense ratio of 0.17 percent.


  • iShares will now offer two new Interest-Rate Hedged Bond Funds for investors worried about interest rate risk, but still want exposure to domestic fixed-income. These funds will seek to hedge interest rate risk by holding the underlying ETFs in conjunction with shorting U.S. Treasury Futures. These will be the iShares Interest Rate High Yield Bond ETF [HYGY] and the iShares Interest Rate Hedged Investment Grade Corporate ETF [LQDH]. They will both trade on the NYSE Arca and carry expense ratios of 0.55% and 0.25%, respectively.


  • iShares will also be adding two new rungs to its Bond Ladder, the iSharesBond Dec 2016 Corporate Term ETF [IBDF] and the iSharesBond Dec 2018 Corporate Term ETF [IBDH]. These new ETFs will track the Barclays December Maturity Indices in 2016 and 2018, respectively, and will each have an expense ratio of 0.10%. They will be listed on the NYSE Arca.
  • Symbol Performance
    KWEB 53.210%
    EMQQ 53.152%
    ARKK 51.072%
    CXSE 49.741%
    ARKW 49.408%
    PGJ.TR 47.403%
    SCIF 47.167%
    PGJ 46.625%
    PLND 45.563%
    CQQQ 44.514%
    SCIN 44.208%
    Sector Symbol Performance
    Technology FDN 49.408%
    Real Estate FRI 36.777%
    Healthcare BBH 36.493%
    Basic Materials GDX 35.403%
    Financial BSV 29.430%
    Energy DBE 28.546%
    Consumer Cyclical FXD 24.818%
    Utilities FIW 17.469%
    Industrial EXI 17.037%
    Consumer Noncyclical FXG 13.427%
    Telecommunications IXP 12.707%
    Financial Services FREL 4.776%

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