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ETF News - 11/24/2014

Posted on 11/24/2014

Last week, Big Tree Capital, FlexShares, and Global X launched three new ETFs. more »

ETF News - 9/25/2014

Posted on 09/25/2014

In this week's ETF news edition, we mention new launches, closings as well as ETF filings. more »

ETF News - 08/23/2012

Posted on 08/23/2012

Take a look at recent news that came from Colombia ETF Trust, Global X, and FlexShares. more »

ETF News 2/16/2012 - Part II

Posted on 02/16/2012

Click this article to view newly launched VelocityShares as well as GlobalX Funds products. more »

China Exposure Through Global X ETFs

Posted on 09/01/2011

A recent article posted on discussed an improvement in China manufacturing report for the month of August. This is the first sign of a return to growth from this country since March of this year. That said, we wanted to discuss different ETF opportunities that provide exposure to China. more »

ETF News - 6/15/2011

Posted on 06/15/2011

ETF news this week includes: PowerShares introduction of a Fundamental Pure ETF line-up, a Super Dividend ETF, a Shipping ETF gets a new Index as it's compass and a twist on your standard ABC's. Filings, offerings and registrant revisions. more »

ETF News - 06/01/2011

Posted on 06/01/2011

It has been another wild week in the universe of Exchange Traded Funds. This article will provide you with the news of recent filings and releases that are coming to the market. more »

ETF News - 5/11/2011

Posted on 05/11/2011

As the exchange traded industry continues to expand, we try to keep you abreast of the new products entering the market. In this article we discuss some of the more notable stories of the week. more »

Integrated Latin American Market

Posted on 02/17/2011

Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano, otherwise known as the Integrated Latin American Market (MILA), will be the end result of a market integration project taken on by Peru, Colombia, and Chile. In an attempt to make their markets more competitive among international equities, and specifically the emerging market space, these three countries plan to merge their stock markets by the end of the year. more »

ETF News Over the Past Week

Posted on 01/12/2011

Each week we highlight some of the recent happenings in the ETF industry. Take a look at this week's update. more »

This week's ETF News

Posted on 12/29/2010

It was another quiet week in regards to news in the ETF industry; however, we do have a few stories we wanted to bring your attention to. more »

Recent Filings and New ETFs

Posted on 11/17/2010

As the exchange traded industry continues to expand, there are a number of new ETFs coming to market each week. Additionally, ETFs providers are constantly filing with the SEC in an attempt to expand their offerings in this competitive industry. Each week we highlight some of the recent stories regarding new ETFs. more »