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Dorsey Wright's Podcast 541 - Making Sense of the Dollar

Posted on 04/13/2016

Tom Dorsey and Paul Keeton- Making Sense of the Dollar

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Commodities Updates in 2013

Posted on 12/10/2013

As we are heading into the homestretch for 2013, we wanted to give you an update on how commodities as an asset class has done compared to other asset classes. more »

Dorsey Wright's Podcast 407 - What to Expect in September

Posted on 09/04/2013

Paul Keeton and Jay Gragnani - What to Expect in September

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Dorsey Wright's Podcast 405 - Sector Rotation in Equity Market

Posted on 08/21/2013

Paul Keeton and Jay Gragnani - Sector Rotation in Equity Market

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A Look at Gold Over the Past Decade

Posted on 12/10/2012

Dow Jones MarketWatch published an article titled "Goldman Sachs predicts commodity ‘renaissance’," reciting an opinion that commodity "prices are unlikely to go much higher but still offer investment opportunities". The article suggested "increasing downside" for Gold next year, which if it occurs, would be the first time since 2000 that Gold has produced negative returns.

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DWA Minute with Tom Dorsey - 12/7/2012

Posted on 12/07/2012

Tom Dorsey discuss what he is seeing in the commodity, and specifically gold.  There are ways to invest in commodity via exchange traded products.  To build a shopping list of ideas, simply use the search function on the top right of or go to the ETF Xray function and perform the search there.

Gold and Its Volatility

Posted on 08/24/2012

Are you looking for ways to get exposure to gold? Here are some names to consider. more »

All ETF Search Capabilities

Posted on 08/26/2011

Today we thought we would review a few of the ways you can use to help generate ideas for ETF investment. more »

Structural Bull Markets in Gold: Past and Present

Posted on 08/25/2011

After peaking at $1916 on Tuesday of this week, gold has seen a substantial pullback to the $1750 area. Even still the precious metal and safe-haven for many investors remains overbought and continues to look strong on a long term basis. That said, we want to provide some perspectives on the last two structural bull markets. more »

Gold Train?

Posted on 07/21/2011

Gold has received a lot of attention in recent times, and often overshadowed other members of its own Commodity family. In this article we delve into gaining investment perspective on other assets that have benefited from Golds rise to fame. more »

Can Emerging Markets Continue to Reign Over Developed?

Posted on 01/25/2011

Within the first few weeks of 2011, there certainly seems to be a shift from emerging markets towards developed markets. This comes after more than a year of witnessing the likes of Chile, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, and Indonesia make huge strides. Could this short term change turn into a longer term trend, or are emerging markets simply taking a breather? more »

New Highs for Silver and Gold

Posted on 12/07/2010

After Monday's market action, Gold was able to hit a new all time high, while Silver moved up to its highest level in the last 30 years. Whether you want to gain exposure through equity based ETFs related to these precious metals or commodity ETFs, All World ETF can help! more »

Just a Sliver of Silver

Posted on 10/25/2010

Commodities as a whole have been a consistently strong area of the market. Recently, much of that strength can be attributed to precious metals like Silver. This article discusses the different pure silver plays available in the exchange traded universe at this time. more »

Dorsey Wright's Podcast 234 - Diggin' For Gold

Posted on 05/12/2010

Tom Dorsey, Jay Gragnani, and Ben Jones - Diggin' For Gold

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Dorsey Wright's Podcast 203 - Silver, Gold, and the Australian Dollar

Posted on 10/07/2009

Tom Dorsey and Tammy DeRosier - Silver, Gold, and the Australian Dollar

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