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International-based ETFs: Q1 of 2014

Posted on 04/10/2014

Today, we will discuss the "winners" and "losers" within the broad financial markets with the "International-Based ETF" category for the first quarter of 2014. more »

PIE: Emerging Market ETF

Posted on 11/09/2012

PIE was recently featured on Seeking Alpa as one of the two Emerging Market ETFs trading below $20 that have a 5-star rating. The article provides the link to the original article. We also look under the hood of the PIE to see what it holds. more »

Q4 Rebalance of Developed Markets Technical Leaders PIZ

Posted on 10/16/2012

In the past several days, we have reviewed the recent rebalance of PDP and DWAS. Today, we will look into the changes that happened underneath the surface of PIZ, which is the PowerShares DWA Developed Markets Technical Leaders. more »

Positive Diverging ETFs

Posted on 10/11/2011

Although most of the major market ETFs have failed to hold above their August correction lows, there are still several ETPs that meet this criteria. more »

Negative Divergerences

Posted on 09/30/2011

Out of an inventory of more than 1,000 exchange traded products, more than 58% have violated their August correction lows in the month of September. more »

Safety in Global Markets

Posted on 09/08/2011

Take a look at a recent posting on Jim Rogers' blog on where he thinks the creditor nations are. more »

Q1 of 2011 Review

Posted on 03/31/2011

Amy Kemp and Sydney Siek look at the first quarter performance in the Commodities and International space.