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Gold Train?

Posted on 07/21/2011

Gold has received a lot of attention in recent times, and often overshadowed other members of its own Commodity family. In this article we delve into gaining investment perspective on other assets that have benefited from Golds rise to fame. more »

Silver Cutting Both Ways

Posted on 05/19/2011

The objective of leveraged and inverse funds is to track daily returns of their un-leveraged fund; however the confluence of index volatility and the compounding effect of leverage upon a fund will produce imperfect tracking and divergence over time. A case study on this subject is discussed in this article. more »

Ways to Go Long/Short Silver

Posted on 04/26/2011

The action in the price of Silver has not been a closely guarded secret, especially as of late. In today's article, we examine the price movement of the Silver spot price as well as ways to expose yourself to the Silver arena and ways to hedge your Silver position. more »

New Highs for the SLV

Posted on 03/24/2011

A lot of attention has been given to the strength in Commodities lately as the asset class as a whole is performing extremely well. One area in particular is the metals, and more specifically, Silver. In this article we discuss metals ETFs and ETNs in regards to their all-time highs and how far they would need to climb to reach those levels again. more »

Can Emerging Markets Continue to Reign Over Developed?

Posted on 01/25/2011

Within the first few weeks of 2011, there certainly seems to be a shift from emerging markets towards developed markets. This comes after more than a year of witnessing the likes of Chile, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, and Indonesia make huge strides. Could this short term change turn into a longer term trend, or are emerging markets simply taking a breather? more »

New Highs for Silver and Gold

Posted on 12/07/2010

After Monday's market action, Gold was able to hit a new all time high, while Silver moved up to its highest level in the last 30 years. Whether you want to gain exposure through equity based ETFs related to these precious metals or commodity ETFs, All World ETF can help! more »

Just a Sliver of Silver

Posted on 10/25/2010

Commodities as a whole have been a consistently strong area of the market. Recently, much of that strength can be attributed to precious metals like Silver. This article discusses the different pure silver plays available in the exchange traded universe at this time. more »

Dorsey Wright's Podcast 203 - Silver, Gold, and the Australian Dollar

Posted on 10/07/2009

Tom Dorsey and Tammy DeRosier - Silver, Gold, and the Australian Dollar

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