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Tax-Efficient Alpha

Posted on 12/31/2012

As the national debate about taxes, spending, and "fairness" rages on, wealthy investors are justifiably concerned about what this means for their after-tax returns. PowerShares recently has a news release discussing this topic. more »

Other Tax Loss Harvesting Ideas

Posted on 11/29/2011

Today we discuss the components within the S&P 100 Index as opportunities to employ the tax loss harvesting strategy to. more »

Tax Loss Harvesting with ETFs

Posted on 11/28/2011

With the market having the finish line of 2011 well within its sights, it is this time of year that many investors begin to look at their portfolio and think about possible tax consequences. One strategy to consider is using ETFs as a method of harvesting your tax losses. more »

Tax Loss Harvesting with ETFs

Posted on 12/09/2010

As we approach the end of the calendar year, and thus the tax year, tax loss harvesting with ETFs moves to the forefront of the minds of many of you. Let's take a look at how this strategy works and also how utilizing this website is a valuable tool to help you easily find ETFs with exposure to stocks you may own, but are considering "harvesting" for tax reasons. more »