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Alternative Weighting Methodologies

Posted on 02/13/2012

There are many different ways indexes can be constructed such as capitalization weighting, equal weighting, dividend weighting, and revenue weighting. In this article, we look at various ETFs and how much they have grown based on the different methods of weighting. more »

A Fully Recoverd S&P 500?

Posted on 04/29/2011

Altering the way in which you weight the components of a particular index can have a profound impact on returns. In fact, just recently we have seen the equal weighted S&P 500 Index return to its all time high, while its cap-weighted counterpart remains 15% away from its 2007 high water mark. more »

Discussion on Relative Strength Weighting

Posted on 02/08/2011

Tom Dorsey and Sydney Siek discuss the relative strength weighting methodology as well as some of the functionalities on the ETF Xray page.

The Weight Debate

Posted on 02/07/2011

How can two investors hold the same stocks over the same period of time and get different returns? In this article, we discuss what a difference your "weight" can make. more »

Rethink Your Weighting Methodology

Posted on 01/06/2011

Using different weighting methodologies can greatly effect the returns of your portfolio. For example, if you had held the 500 stocks within the S&P 500 Index over the last five year on an equal weighted basis you would have outperformed a cap weighting strategy by 17.41%! more »